Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Dog and His Strange Days as a Seven Year Old Cutie Pie

The other day my friend and I were sitting in my room looking at the most adorable puppy in the world (that's my dog). He started starring at us and then suddenly dropped his head like somebody pushed it down. He picked it up and put it down again in the same way. Then he looked straight at the spot he was hitting his head and rammed his face in to it as fast and hard as he had his head. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen him do in my life. Then earlier today he was standing in the same spot for a long time looking at the same spot in the living room now it wasn't just a regular thing a dog would look at. No instead it was the corner backside of a couch. He starred and starred until somebody opened the door and he ran outside. Plus he has been moving his mouth in a way that makes him look like he is talking. As if he were a baby just learning how to talk. I don't know if it is just from his old age but whatever it is, it is very weird. This is not a real picture of my dog but it is adorable because it is still a mini schnauzer.

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Teapot Sue said...

That picture is cute.

Pepper is cute.