Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Summer Plans

So this summer is going to be awesome!! Like all summers I will be going to see my grandparents and we will have an awesome time with them. Then when I come back I will hopefully get to spend the rest of the summer with my friends. The only bad thing about my summer is because of the fact that I am home-schooled and we started late I have to do some school over the summer. But it isn't that much so it isn't that bad. Then I hope that once we catch up with all the work that we have to do it will be a totally fun filled summer. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT SUMMER TOO!!!!!!! (This picture rocks it is the ocean with a whales tail!!!)


Teapot Sue said...

I can tell that the picture is of the river with a zebra tail sticking out of it. Thank you for the info about that, though.

penguin person said...

It is not!!!

Teapot Sue said...

What?!?!?!? You must be blind!