Monday, April 21, 2008

"The Minute Mens" New Ten Phrases

I know you have all been waiting for the next post about "The Minute Men" so here they are:

12.filthy rich people
13.They're expensive they act like they don't want people to buy their window treatments
14.I love lies
16.I don't like getting into that
17.I think it was just a matter of her having attention
18.hope you feel better
19."It's a special type of wind instrument" "What type?"
Hope you like these just as much as the others and the next ten should be coming soon because we already have 25. I would like to let you know that number 18 is how we figured out that Einstein was sick because The Rid Guy said it to him. Also number 20 was said by Einstein alone.


Anonymous said...


Teapot Sue said...

I thought that Einstein couldn't make mistakes!!!!! :)

penguin person said...

Nobody said he couldn't make mistakes. :):) Plus he didn't really make a mistake he just dropped something when he opened the door.

Teapot Sue said...

Well... aren't smart people not supposed to make mistakes? :)

penguin person said...

I don't think so???