Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Very Strange Ride!!

If you have ever been to Magic Kingdom you may know about the ride "The Carousel of Progress". This summer I went to Magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure with my friend for her b-day. We were about to leave and we didn't want to, so we stopped at the nearest thing to stall us from leaving. It happened to be this ride. In this ride it takes you through all the years of different years of technology." Theres a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day. Theres a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrows just a dream away!!".This is a strange song that is played in every scene of the ride it is very annoying but it is funny.As you can see in the picture there is a dog, and for some strange reason the dog lives through the whole thing. Now we're talking like a hundred year period. Yet some how the dog stayes alive the whole time. In "The Carousel of Progress" you spin to each different scene of the stage. All of the actors and actresses are robots. The ride shows the different technology(as I told you before) in the last scene it goes to the future and in that scene the dog is still alive. Well I think I have told you enough of the details you should really go on it. It is the senond best thing there (first is Space Mountain of course)


Teapot Sue said...

That is very strange.

It sounds like cool though. Have you been on the huge ride in Epcot? It is the ride in the golf-ball-ish thing. You know, the big ball? The symbol of Epcot? Yeah. That one.It is sorta like the one you're describing.If you haven't gone on it, go on it!!!!!! :)

penguin person said...

I will be sure to go on it when I go to Disney. It sounds interesting yet strange.