Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Minute Men Aren't Gone!!!!

If you cried yourself to sleep about "Minute Men Gone???5" worry no more. You will be as excited as I am to hear that the MINUTE MEN ARE BACK!!! My friend Padfoot and I saw two of them once again having strange conversations. We heard them talking about giving somebody a quiz at their house. It made no sense I am so happy (explains the smile). Padfoot and I believe that the other man in "The Minute Men" is sick or has been in many meetings. In other words "Teapot Sue" you don't have to cry any longer. Readers I am sorry that I put so many posts about "The Minute Men"


padfoot said...

Yes!!!!! They are back and I am so happy!!!!!

padfoot said...

Oh and you do not have to say sorry about posting about the minute men... the minute men rocks. So do not worry about a thing. And I know you said that to tea pot sue.

Teapot Sue said...

Yaaaay!!!! I shall smile myself to sleep!!!