Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Most Awsome Game Ever!!!5

This is the coolest online game ever. You get to mess with some random animated guy that is on a sled riding lines. This game (line rider) lets you make him go in crazy loops, really fast, and even go in completely random lines. If he falls off of a line then he will keep falling and falling and falling. You could sit on the computer all day and it would keep falling all day and longer (don't try that). If you want to play click here I promise you that you will love it. If you don't you are weird.


Teapot Sue said...

That game is really cool. I have tried it lots before, but there is one thing I don't like. If you are not very creative, you don't have much of a chance. Me, for example. I just try to make the guy land a bunch of flips. Most of my efforts are in vain though. Ha ha!!! :(

penguin person said...

I know that is true but it is still the most awesome online game.