Monday, February 18, 2008

Minute Men Gone?????

Lately the Minute Men have not been showing up!!! We finally remembered to bring the composition book and they stopped showing up. I am so upset!! My friend Padfoot how is normally with me is upset to. I hope that they come back and I will be sure to tell you if they do. Hope you aren't to sad about the Minute Men leaving and that tonight you won't cry yourself to sleep every night until I post that they are back. This picture is here because the tracks are showing that the car is gone just like the Minute Men.


Teapot Sue said...

Unfortunentely, I am crying right now and shall cry myself to sleep, and also will cry all day.

penguin person said...

I know it is very sad (I miss you)

padfoot said...

This is so sad, the minute men will always be my heart. ( I am part of the minute men group, I am one of the founders