Friday, March 21, 2008

The Minute Men May Have A New Friend!

"The Minute Men" may have a new member in the group! A few days ago Padfoot and I saw them with another new man he was leaving at the time but they said that they would see him on Monday. At first he almost ruined the whole conversation and we got really upset that we would stop hearing really stupid and funny saying of "The Minute Men" but once he left we got a little something (I would tell you what it was but you have to wait for the post called "The New Ten Phrases of "The Minute Men"). I will tell you if this new man is a new Minute Man or just a guy we see a few times. This picture is here because "The Minute Men" may now have an extra part like the shaving of the lemon in the background (I also put it because "The Minute Mens" new symbol is lemons.)

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