Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Einstein Is Forever Gone???5

As you already know "The Minute Men" are a group of three. Well sadly not anymore! We have been waiting for Einstein to come with The Red Guy and The Tall Guy but he hasn't been there for days. I know I told you that we just thought he was always at meetings nut now we are pretty positive that he is gone for good. It hurts me so much to know that he is now always going to be gone for many reasons but I will only tell you two: 1. He has made "The Minute Men" only a two some and 2. He had the coolest nickname. I hope you are not to heart broken but just in case you are just remember that soon the new 10 phrases will come out! That makes 20!!!!! I am still sad but hurray ten whole new "Minute Men" phrases!! The pictures show how there was three and now there is only two (tears streaming).


Teapot Sue said...

Oh, too bad! I think that Einstien was my favorite Minute Man, even though I have never seen him. I really like the nickname. I wish we could all say goodbye, but that chance is gone now (sob)!

penguin person said...

I know exactly how you feel I miss him so much he was not quite my favorite because I like all of them equally.

padfoot said...

It is so sad...and I am hoping that he will come back