Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lax The Most Awsome Sport Ever!!

I love the sport Lacrosse a.k.a. Lax. It is my favorite sport which would make sense because I play it. I play it with Padfoot which you will see if you go to her blog (which is Middle Years). We have played together for 2 years. I have played for three years and love just getting out on the field. When I was in Lax. last year I scored a goal in every game and I will try to do that again as my New Years resolution. I have lots of friends on the team that I am on and one of them loves penguins just like me!! When we were asked what the team mascot or name should be the first thing that she said was "The penguins" I was totally in for it but some of the other girls weren't so we still are trying to decide what the team name should be. When the girl said penguins I was really excited that it would actually be that as the name. But then when some of the girls said no I was 1.shocked and 2. sad. I am hoping that the name will at least something close to as cool as penguins but I seriously doubt it.


padfoot said...

I agre, this sport rocks, and before I knew abou8t lacrosse and (my brother was not playing at the time) I was struggling to find what sport I wanted to do and then I found lacrosse!!!!!! I love Lax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Teapot Sue said...

You could name the team "blah." That would be incredible!!!!!! Everyone would love it!!!!

penguin person said...

Ya "blah" would be completely aswome. I don't think that the rest of the team would like that very much.