Saturday, February 23, 2008

The First Ten Phrases From"The Minute Men"

As you know the things that "The Minute Men" say make no sense at all acorrding to my other posts. They have finally said their first ten phrases. The three might have been broken up but there is still two of the guys that say nonsensicle things. I also wanted to tell you about the three names Padfoot and I made up for them 1.The Red Guy 2.The Tall Guy and 3. Einstien.

The reason we named them these names is because one of them has red hair, another is tall, and another one wears circular glasses and has poofy hair. So if I ever want to tell you who said what now you can know their nicknames.

Heres the list of their first ten phrases:

1.She would have shot herself

2.He got canned


4.One million dollars


6.Shooting star


8.He got plunnged three feet

9.First I make the reviews, then I give them the quiz at home


Hip hip horray that is the first ten phrases. Once they get to twenty I will tell you the new ten phrases. Also I want to know which phrase is your favorite. Then depending on the magority vote I will put it in the next ten. After I get to ONE-HUNDRED! I will put the top ten votes of each word from each ten and show you what the top ten phrases were. Hope you have enjoyed learning about "The Minute Men".


Teapot Sue said...

I cannot wait to see the next ten.

The quote, "He got canned" really baffles me.

penguin person said...

The quote "He got canned" means that some guy got fired.

padfoot said...

to tea pot sue- I know I am kinda pushy but I was wondering if you could give me a comment, my first 5 latest post do not have comments.

penguin person said...

Padfoot you don't tell people to go on your blog it is something for you to enjoy that some people can go on every now and then. Just saying and if you're going to post a comment on mine can it please be about the post.