Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Dog

I love my dog, he is the cutest miniature schnauzer ever. One thing that makes him completely adorable is his ears. Most people that have any type of schnauzers (miniature, standard, and giant) clip the pointy ears. My family on the other side decided not to. So when my dog (Pepper) gets excited he puts his ears up it is the cutest thing ever! I love the way that he gets when he is being chased by my dad. (I would give a real picture of my dog but I can't find one on the stupid computer so these should do.) My dog also loves to chase squirrels, mostly because his breed is known to hunt rats in Germany. It is in his blood to go straight for the squirrel. I used the first picture so you could see that the ears are not clipped. The dogs in the first picture are the cuter of the two to me. The dog in the other picture is a miniature but he does have his ears clipped. I figured I would put these here so that you could see the difference and so I could tell you that I think they are so much cuter without clipped ears.

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your secret admirer! lol...jk. its ur sis. said...

I ♥ you Rebekah!