Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hockey Games (cold as a penguins lounge)

Now that you know that I love penguins and the cold let me give you and example. Last night I went to a hockey game with my dad, brother, and some of my dads friends from work. Now obviosly I like to be cold every once in a while so I thought this would be a great experience to let you know one place that I got to be cold. When we first got there I had no idea how much fun being in a suite would be and how much food there would be. The game was the Panthers against the Sabbers. I wanted the Panthers to win, but honestly I am one not a very big hockey fan and I am not a very big Panthers fan, instead I love the Colorado Avalanche. This is mostly because it is cold up there so I like it. Anyway, as I was cheering for the Panthers more and more food was being brought in to the suite. Every time I turned around there was another giant tray of food to eat. Once they brought in the deserts I already felt like blowing up, but hey it's desert in a suite so I figured why not. The cake I had was so big my brother couldn't even eat it all (and trust me he eats a lot). So anyway we split a piece of the cake and it was still huge. I ate most of it but eventually I knew that if I ate anymore I would burst at the seams. So I decided not to eat anything else. Although I had a great time I was completely wiped out and ready when we had to leave. Sadly the Panthers lost, but hey it was great!


Teapot Sue said...

Wow. Almost all of that was only one sentence! I highly reccomend using periods.

penguin person said...

oops I guess I was just really excited

penguin person said...

o.k. now I fixed it so hope it is better