Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bass Flute (The coolest thing ever)

So as I've talked about before I play the flute but I decided that I would take a look at a bass flute (thats the one at the top of the pic that curls). It looks sooooooooooooo cool and I really want to play it. Im pretty sure that it has the same fingerings as a regular flute so I think it would be pretty easy. It is an octave lower than a regular flute.In the picture on the left corner are two piccolos those are one octave higher than the regular flute. I can already play that though so it are not nearly as interesting to me. The only thing is I have no idea how on earth I am supposed to get a bass flute so sadly me dream to play it will never come true but I will try every possibility to play it and I really hope that I can. After further inspection of the picture it seems that the bass flutes keys are in somewhat of a different position than what the flute that I am used to playing has. I still think that if I were to scoot my hand over a little bit if I played one that it would be the same. Now I am going to look at how expensive it is to get a bass flute (not that I can afford it but it will be fun to see).
                         Penguin Person


Teapot Sue said...

Neato. I hope you will be able to get it. That would be really cool. Does your band already have a bass flute?

vickylovinhorses said...

Clarinets are awesome too Clarinet player here!! I hope you can get.

penguin person said...

No my band does not have a bass flute but now sadly I am positively not going to get it. I am interested in something better (I will post about it later).