Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Friend's Birthday

So tommorow (the 8th) is my friends b-day!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her!!! (I hope I choose a good gift for her). She always is really happy on her b-day for two reasons that I can think of right now: she is the same age as me for two months and well it's her b-day and who isn't happy on their b-day. I hope you like the pictures TeaSue because it's just for you (hehehehehe that rhymes). 


Teapot Sue said...

OMG they're so cute!!!!!!! Thank you for posting about meeeee!!

So far, my b.day has been like any other day except for the fact that there are presents on the table and my mom and bro have said for me to have a happy one. I am busy doing school and stuffs like that. But later, I will have a blast!

penguin person said...

Your b-day was really fun!!!!!

Tater Tot said...

hey penguin person you need to post seriously!!!

Teapot Sue said...

Yup I agree. I like reading your posts, and there needs to be more!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm I Have A Question.

Did You Give Your Friend That Horse?

Or is it just A picture?

You can visit my blog too if you want.