Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love the Night Time!!!

Lately I have been thinking about how beautiful the night time is. The other night I was playing a game called "Bang". Every time I got out I would lay on the ground and look at the sky. It was so beautiful. The clouds were amazing! I could have lain there all night. I love the stars and the moon too. I know this was a random post but I just had to get out how beautiful the night time is.

I think the coolest thing to do would be to go the beach at night and just lay on the sand and look at the sky, to hear the waves crashing on the shore. It would just be amazing!!! Just look at the picture I love it!! I mean just imagine actually being there at the time this picture was taken it would be soooooo beautiful!


Teapot Sue said...

Yeah, as I was saying to you earlier, it is a miracle that we can see so far away. It is an even bigger miracle for me, as I don't have good vision. Even my dad can see them, and he has REALLY bad vision!

I think that it is also amazing that there are so many huge, gigantuan, giatificuslyhuge balls of fire in space. It is incredible!

(But at least they aren't exploding.....) :)

penguin person said...

That is so true, and thank goodness it isn't exploding.