Friday, August 29, 2008

My Trip To Louisisana

So I don't know if I told you guys but I went to Louisiana to see my grandparents. I love my grandparents house because it can trick people so easily. On the outside it looks exactly like a barn but when you get inside it is such a beautiful house. They built it themselves so that they could move out of the trailer they lived in ever since my dad was a child. They live on 5 acres and built the house on the same land that the trailer was and still is on. When we go we always go to Jefferson Island. This has Jefferson's old house on it. My grandma sometimes gives tours there. I love going around the mansion when there is no one there for a tour (That is what the picture is of). The house is also surrounded by a huge, beautiful, enormous garden that is such a pretty thing to look at. The mansion also has a huge front yard. Also when I am in Louisiana there is a Bela-Russian girl there that my grandma takes in every year from Belarus (obviously). She still lives in Belarus but goes down to Louisiana for six weeks and it adds a year to her life. She comes down with many other Bela-Russians and they do lots of things together to make them feel more comfortable. She has come for the past 3 years. She is completely comfortable with all of us now. My trip to Louisiana was so cool. It rocked my socks off!!
I would give more pictures of the gardens but I can't find any.

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Teapot Sue said...

Hi from Illinois! I miss you a lot, but I am having a LOT of fun! I am busy, mainly, driving a golf cart, and doing my embroidery homework, which is also, FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I went blackberry picking this morning. My grandparents have a bunch of blackberries! I wish I could take them back with me, but that would be quite strange on the plane.

I am so glad that you had fun in LA! Next time you see Anya (is that how you spell it?), tell her all about me and how awesome I am, ok? Ok. Thanks.