Monday, April 14, 2008

Painting My Room!!

I started painting my room on Friday April 11th. I painted it a light aqua blue and a dark aqua blue. The pattern is the lighter color on half of three of my walls and then there is a white strip under the light blue. Then I put a darker aqua color under the white strip. On the last wall which is the biggest is all white. Then I am going to put the two color polka dots a brown and a dark blue on the white strip and on the big wall that is all white. It is the prettiest room in the world I love it. This is an awesome place but it is not my room just to let you know.


Teapot Sue said...

I can tell that the picture is not your room. Pretty easy to see, huh?

I am happy that you get to paint! It will be so pretty! Especially for Smilefest!!!

penguin person said...

I know that it is obviously not my room but I felt like telling people anyway.